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Event Object

The event object fired to the event handlers could be splitted into two, EventBase or GroupUser.


EventBase is used for map events, they have their own classes for each event which always inherits from this class. The only diffrrence is that they're using different mechanism to gather info and maybe additional info (such as source post for bubble pops).


An Abstract Class (ABC) representing base osu! beatmapset event.

api_beatmap: List[phillip.osu.classes.api.Beatmap] property readonly

Difficulties returned by osu! API.

artist: str property readonly

Beatmap's artist.

beatmapset: Beatmap property readonly

Beatmapset info returned by the osu-web JSON.

creator: str property readonly

Mapper of beatmap.

discussion: Discussion property readonly

Discussion info returned by the osu-web JSON.

event_source_url: str property readonly

URL to event cause.

gamemodes: List[str] property readonly

Game modes inside the beatmapset.

map_cover: str property readonly

URL to map's cover image.

time: datetime property readonly

A datetime object representing the time where the event happened.

title: str property readonly

Beatmap's title.

user_id: int property readonly

The user that causes this event to occur.


Event that happened on the beatmap (bubbled, qualified, etc.)

Source code in phillip\
def event_type(self) -> str:
    """Event that happened on the beatmap (bubbled, qualified, etc.)"""

get_beatmap(self) async

Fetch beatmapset info from osu! API.

Source code in phillip\
async def get_beatmap(self) -> List[ApiBeatmap]:
    """Fetch beatmapset info from osu! API."""
    if not self._beatmap:
        self._beatmap = await
    return self._beatmap  # type: ignore


GroupUser rrepresents a user inside a group that is defined from scraping the site.


A class representing a user inside a grup.


  • obj - dict -- osu! json object, gathered from groups page.


  • id - int -- osu! user ID.
  • username - str -- osu! username.
  • profile_colour - str -- Hex of user's role color.
  • avatar_url - str -- User's avatar URL.
  • country_code - str -- Country code of user.
  • default_group - str -- Highest group of the user.
  • is_active - bool -- Representation if user is still active on osu! or not.
  • is_bot - bool -- Is user a bot?
  • is_online - bool -- Is the user is only at the moment or not.
  • is_supporter - bool -- Does the user have supporter tag?
  • last_visit - str -- User's last login to osu!
  • pm_friends_only - bool -- Represents if user only enables forum pm to friends only or not.
  • country - dict -- A dictionary with key of code and name, representing the country code and full country name respectively.
  • cover - dict -- A dictionary with custom_url, id, and url as key, representing cover url, id, and cover url respectively.
  • support_level - int -- Supporter tag level of user.


This class may change in the future as osu!web development goes.